Wanda O Holt

I am a native Nashvillian which is very uncommon these days.  My dad's Odum family was large and loud.  We refer to it as a clan.  Not sure of the origin of the name.  Still working on that.  My mom's Edwards family were fun and creative. They loved music either singing or playing instruments.  From them, I get my English and Irish heritage.  I have been a Holt for 46 years.  Jerry is patient and steadfast.  He is my perfect mate.

My mission statement is to share God's love to everyone I come into contact with through my writing, health insurance business, and speaking.

I love Nashville and I am proud to call it my hometown.  It has grown considerably since my husband and I moved back in 2003 after living 30 years in his hometown in East Tennessee.

Nashville has certainly grown since my childhood days.


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